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Author: Adventurindo Tour

Ban Hin Kiong Temple

Ban Hin Kiong Temple is located in calaca of wenang district. The temple was built in the beginning of 19th century. The oldest east Indonesia. It is a worship place of tri dharma manado which follows Confucianism. In this temple a religious ceremony called Toa Pe Kong or Cap Go Meh is held every year. The ceremoiny enlivened by attractions called Ince Pia. Where a man cuts up his back with a sharp sword without getting  hurt at all. Also there are attractions of Locia Horse and palanquins. It is a cultural and religious tourism place with historical heritage....

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The Blessing Jesus Statue

Located in the elite residential of citraland winangun. Blessing jesus is the tallest statue in Indonesian with a height of 30 meters. This monument is a pride for the people of manado city which is predominantly Christian. The monument was inaugurated 2007. —————————————————————————- Terletak di perumahan elit citraland winangun. Adalah monument Yesus Memberkati tertinggi di Indonesia dengan ketinggian 30 meter. Monument ini merupakan kebanggaan tersendiri bagi masyarakat kota manado yang mayoritas penduduknya adalah Kristen. Monument ini diresmikan pada tahun...

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Manado State Museum

Located in lawangirung of wenang district about 20 minutes drives from the city center , the north Sulawesi provincial museum is also known as recreational site besides as a research facility . it has well preserved artefacts from the ancestors of minahasan people , North Sulawesi culture and from other cultures in  Indonesia . it also collected artifacts from ancient history left by other explorers from Portugal, the Netherlands , and japan. This museum is also known as the cultural tourism object with ancient artifacts as the main attractions . visitors can see and lear how people lived in...

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Siladen Island

Located in the eastside of bunaken island in bunaken district about 8 miles from manado harbour , siladen island can be reached by45minutes boat ride. The 31,25 hectare island is surrounded by white sandy beach while there are coral reefs with deverse marine life formsand colors create beautiful marine garden . the beauty of its marine garden can be enjoyed on siladen 1 and siladen 2 spots . siladenoffers waterand marine tourism with main attraction of beach and the sea . visitor can enjoysiladen by sightseeing with catamaran glass bottom boats , snorkeling , diving , and underwater photograpy...

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Rental Mobil Alphard Manado

Toyota Alphard / Vellvire merupakan mobil mewah yang cocok bagi anda yang membutuhkan sewa mobil namun ingin memiliki gaya yang berbeda untuk keperluan Bisnis atau Kunjungan Kerja. Melayani Rental Mobil Alphard Manado / Sewa Mobil Alphard Manado / Rental Car Alphard Manado dengan interior yang nyaman, bersih dan fresh, dengan standard audio, air conditioning. Tipe Luxury Cars Bahan Bakar Premium Muatan 6 Penumpang Transmisi Matic AC Double Blower Harga dalam Kota Manado Hubungi Kami Sudah Termasuk Driver + BBM  Reservasi Semua mobil kami bisa disewa dengan hitungan hari, minggu, atau bulan. Untuk pemesanan mobil (car rental), silakan KLIK DI SINI atau bisa...

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