Adventurindo Tours was established on May 6, 2004 with a Travel license from the Tomohon City Tourism and Culture Office. No. 09 / Perbud / BPW / V / 2004. And members of ASTINDO No. 001-00810 / SULUT / DPP / XI / 2018. and IINTOA (Indonesia INBOUND Tour Operators Association) No. BCCI-20054.

We are committed to provide excellence and quality to our clients. For the outgoing and incoming client, we specialize in tailor-made itineraries for groups and for individuals without forgetting competitive prices or compromising our high level of service. Every client is important to us and we are happy to offer the most competitive rates whether it is for the individual client or for groups in their hundreds. All our itineraries are subject to change to suit the interests of the individual or group

We can also help you organizing your travel in other parts of Indonesia: Bali, Komodo, Raja Ampat Papua, Lombok, Toraja, Sumatera, Java & Kalimantan